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5 Ways to Add Value to your Home

Ready to upgrade your home? Keep these 5 things in mind for added property value.

5 Ways to Add Value to your Home

You’re ready to upgrade and give your home that much needed make-over.

Remodeling is a great way to add excitement, appeal and value to your home. Each home is unique, and the possibilities are endless, but here are 5 ways you can add value to your home.

1. Build a deck or patio.

A beautiful outdoor patio or deck is an enjoyable way to get back in touch with some nature while adding living space and value to your home. It’s perfect for Sunday barbecues with family and friends, but also gives the outside of your house a desirable update. Whether it’s partially covered, completely open, or has built in heaters, make it your own with custom features you’ll enjoy outdoors.

2. Treat your ceilings as if they were walls.

Many people forget about the importance of detail, but adding embellishments and lighting to your ceiling will create instant memorability and give value to your home. A custom designed and built ceiling will immensely enhance the ambiance of any room giving it a luxury look. Add the same attention to detail to your walls and your home will easily be transformed.

3. Design a home-office or studio.

A place of your own to gather your thoughts or make important decisions; sounds pretty nice. If you’re already renovating, why not? An office could potentially enhance your lifestyle, so consider this one important to your future both in property value and personal growth.

4. Transform your attic.

The space is already there and has the potential, so remodeling it and giving it life is an obvious choice. When expertly designed, a built out attic may become your new favorite room in the house. This is the highest part of your home, so a window with a view will give you new perspectives on the world. Create a reading nook with some natural lighting and this could be your safe haven.

5. Upgrade the master bath.

You can only understand the pleasures of a remodeled master bath when it’s finally yours. This is the place you start every morning and you deserve some pampering to get your day going. Get crazy with it and just add everything you’ve always wanted. Add a tub by the window as a centerpiece to remind you to unwind every now and then.

There are endless options when adding value to your home with custom renovations. Don’t forget to take the time to seek out the details and really make it your own, and remember to enjoy the experience every step of the way.

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