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How To Get Started Building Your Custom Dream Home

Get ready for the fulfilling, and life-changing journey of building your custom dream home.

How To Get Started Building Your Custom Dream Home

Building a custom home may seem complicated, but you could be holding your keys in no time.

The whole experience could potentially be one of the most gratifying and life-changing things you’ll ever do. Get familiar with the process and follow this guide to get you prepared for the journey:

1. Get Realistic & Set Goals

It’s important to be realistic about your goals and be aware of your own expectations. Do some research on what’s out there and let yourself get inspired by the possibilities. Get familiar with budgets and locations. Take notes of the little things that make a difference to you and a few alternate options you could consider.

2. Set A Budget

Save yourself from the headache of budgeting conflicts later on by setting a clear budget ahead of time. Take into consideration things like land value, local fees and taxes, design, engineering, and construction fees of both the home itself and the landscape. Also, be sure to budget for appliances, furniture and decorations.

3. Find Your Location

Whether it’s an empty lot or an old neglected home on the perfect plot of land, this will be the destination of your new home. Find a place that speaks to you and get to know the neighborhood.

4. Secure Your Build Team

Researching and selecting the right team to plan and build your dream home is probably the most important step for a smooth and efficient process. You’ll want to go with an innovative and experienced team that understands your personal vision and is able to offer a transparent build process. They’ll be able to ask the right questions and tell you where and how your budget is best spent while you convey your vision. They’ll also take care of the logistics like sun orientation, zoning, setbacks, and legal restrictions.

5. Plan With Your Team

It’s important to communicate your ideas and expectations during the planning and design process. Your build team has a lot of decisions to make and it’s up to you how involved you remain throughout the process. Ask questions and get a clear timeline so you can plan your future accordingly.

6. Watch Your Dream Home Come To Life

You’ve made all the hard decisions and commitments, and it’s finally coming together. Enjoy this moment in time as you experience your dream home materialize before your eyes. Congratulate yourself on embarking on this milestone.


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